How to find the right hobby for you.



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Today, we are going to learn how to find the right hobby for you.


A hobby can be described as an activity which causes a sense of enjoyment for the individual. It allows the person to take a break from work, family and other commitments which can be beneficial to the individual.


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1. What are the benefits of having a hobby?

I. It improves mental and emotional wellbeing 

Self-mastery of a hobby improves self-esteem and confidence while lowering levels of stress and depression.1,2,3


II. You become more interesting

A person becomes more interesting through hobbies since they gain knowledge and stories which they can share with other people.2,4

III. You build social connections


Hobbies can be a platform for social connections as people with similar interest are able to share their knowledge and experience with one another.2,4



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2. How do we find the right hobby for you?


I. Understand who you are as a person. 


The more you understand who you are as a person, the easier it is to find a hobby. One way to find out who you are is to complete a personality test called the Myers Briggs which can help narrow down the type of hobby which will appeal to you.1


II. Answer the questions below.


Here are some questions that were adapted from ‘Why Hobbies are Important’ article by Kettering University Online.

A. Are there things you enjoyed doing in your childhood that you would like to revisit?

B. Is there a particular skill you would like to develop?

C. In what ways do you want your hobby to challenge or change you?

D. Do you prefer to enjoy doing things alone or with others?

E. Do you enjoy competition?



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3. Here a list of hobbies examples listed from ‘Why Hobbies are Important’ article by Kettering University Online.


I. Mental and emotional wellbeing.

-Listening to music.
-Drawing and painting.
-Reading books.


II. Physical.

-Martial arts


III. Social.

-Playing music.
-Joining a social club or community.
-Playing a team sport.


IV. Self-improvement.

-Studying courses.
-Praying or meditating.

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