How to find love in a hopeful place

Welcome to ‘Learning Tuesdays’, where we learn a particular skill or habit that will help you become a better you.


Today we’re gonna learn how to find love in a hopeful place.


1. Find love within yourself.

If you don’t appreciate yourself, how much harder is it for others to appreciate you? When you enjoy your own company, people start to appreciate you.

What activities help me appreciate myself? How often do I do those activities?



2. Find love in what you do.

When you find fulfilment in what you do, people are drawn to your vision and purpose. You start to attract like-minded people that start to support you along the way.

: What gives me meaning and purpose? What’s one small habit I can do that will work towards my purpose?


3. Find love in the right places.

To find love means going to the right places that support your interest, values and needs. It involves the courage to engage with a potential love one in a local or online community.

What are my interests, values and needs? Where can I go to find likeminded people?



4. Find love in rejection.

Rejection builds character as it requires acceptance, self-awareness and perseverance to thrive in the situation. The outcome no or being ignored teaches us to appreciate the opportunities, learn from our mistakes and draws us closer to what we truly want.

Do I prefer the pain of rejection or the pain of regret? What can I learn from my rejections?

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