How to become confident in everything you do.


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Today we are going to learn how to become confident in everything you do. 


A question that is relevant today, are people born with self-confidence or is it a learnt trait? According to, self-confidence can be defined as a belief in oneself through their own power and abilities. From this definition, self-confidence is founded on belief, power and abilities which means that self-confidence can be learnt.


Here are three ways to build self-confidence.


1. To view self-confidence as a skill. 


The first step to achieving self-confidence is to view confidence as a skill which needs to be practised. Self-confidence requires a person to understand their purpose and take purposeful-action in uncomfortable situations.


An example of building self-confidence is when an individual learns to drive for the first time. Initially, the person is afraid to drive and has an instructor, but through constant practise they gain the confidence to drive without assistance and attain a driver’s license.



Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash


2. Change your story to change your life.


The perfect start, no mistakes and not looking like a fool are stories (Collection of beliefs) which are attributed to low self-confidence. A better story is to focus on a confident future version of yourself that views confidence is a skill which needs to be practised.


Effective communication is an example of an ability that requires countless hours of interactions and practice. Children attend school to foster their ability to write, read and speak so that they can effectively communicate with family, friends and co-workers. 


3. Pick a simple action towards your story. 


What is one small action I can do every day that can give me gain self-confidence?



Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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