About me

My name is Werner Torres and this is my journey.

As a senior high school student, I lacked drive and purpose. Therefore, I search for meaning in university degrees and work, but the journey led to unanswered questions and heartache. Most importantly, I need a shakeup within my mundane life.

The Moment

In 2015, a mission trip to the Philippines opened my eyes to the struggles of the poor. For instance, picture a bucket of water as a substitute for toilet paper and only a blanket as a bed. On the other hand, the hospitality of the locals moved and inspired me. To clarify, they were one hundred per cent present and offered whatever they had. For example, my water supply was depleted and they offer their own water despite the high cost. Above all, their selflessness made me realise how fortunate and blessed I am to be living in Australia.

Subsequently, it’s from that moment that the vision to become financially free came to fruition. For example, Kain Ramsey would say “Teach a man how to teach others how to fish,” which resonated in the core of my being.


To use my God-given talents of coaching, speaking and writing to inspire others to become better versions of themselves. 

Right Here Right Now

I serve as a lifestyle membership consultant while striving to become a leader (general manager) at a gym.  In addition,  life coaching, keynote speaking and creating media content is what gives me purpose.

As a leader in CFC Singles For Christ, I mentor others with my time, talents and treasures and volunteer in a charity organisation called ANCOP (Answering the Cry Of the Poor).


For Fun

I  have a passion for learning, how to optimise human potential and understanding human behaviour. In addition, I enjoy reading personal development books and fiction novels on wuxiaworld.com. In the same vein, singing and journaling are my go-to therapy.

The Influencers

Overall life

-Jesus Christ
-Ed Mylett (Ed Mylett podcast)
-Tony Robbins
-Kain Ramsey
-James Clear

-Jordan Peterson
-Brene Brown
-Shawn Stevenson (The Model Health Show)

Motivation and leadership
-Ryan Hawk (The Learning Leader Show)
-Les Brown
-Eric Thomas
-Jay Shetty (On Purpose Podcast)

-Fr Mike Schmitz
-Bishop Barron
-The Catholic Talk Show (Podcast)

-Patty Mills
-Lebron James
-Dwayne Wade


The quote

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” – Saint Catherine of Siena.

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